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Righteous Russia - Part 3

Record Your Own Video

WHO Official Admits Vaccine Passports May Have Been a Scam

A Lego Factory Tour, Pigeon Awesomeness, & Gyrojet Rocket Guns

Presumption of Innocence vs Presumption of Guilt

Local Action = National Impact: a Case Study

Shocking NIH Evidence! Food Supply is Being Contaminated with mRNA 'Viruses'

The Dali/FSK Attack: A Closer Examination of China, Singapore and Operational Manager Synergy Marine Pte. Ltd.

Brazil Twitter Files - Part 2

Brazil Twitter Files - Part 1

Dominion Voting Machine Fraud Proved Using Dominion's Own Words

Lula is A Figurehead, Moraes Is the Tyrannical Leader of Brazil

Whose Virtues Are Better Than Trump's?

The Military Nor the Government Are Paying Attention to This Inevitable Cataclysmic Event (update)

Dr. Pierre Kory - What We Already Know Is Now In Substantial Evidence

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Action 4 Canada - Exposing Pedophilia and Child Sex Crimes amongst Canada's Healthcare leaders (Alberta Health Services, College of Physicians)(Apr.3, 2024)

Cancer/Parasites: Ready for Review & Title

7 Compelling Reasons Why Ivermectin Is a ‘Powerful Drug’ for Fighting Cancer


It’d be Easier to Forgive You if You’d Apologize

New Underwater 3D Images Show "Sheer Magnitude" Of Salvage Operation Ahead for the Baltimore Bridge (update)

Update April 4,2024 - MV Dali, Baltimore, Frances Scott Key Bridge

Data Broker Exposes Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Visitors

American Cattle Rancher Gives Update After Texas Fires

Bioluminescent Brain Sensors For Oxygen Imaging In Dementia And Long Covid - They Don't Just Want To Make Your Skin Glow But Your Brain Too

Tucker Carlson Learns About ‘The Most Evil Thing Ever Done’ to the Human Mind

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche Issues Bone-Chilling Message to the COVID Cartel

MV Dali Update April 1, 2024: New Channel, Who is in Charge, and the End of NTSB News

What to Know About Next Week’s Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada

Repairing Cell Membrane Damage due to the “Vaccine” with Phosphatidylcholine

Help state and federal lawmakers understand the legal predicaments created and maintained by international and domestic public health emergency law.

Major Events Surrounding the April 8th Solar Eclipse

Dissolving Illusions: Data Hidden in Plain Sight

MV Dali Update March 31: Updates & Who Pays for the Salvage

Nature Versus Nano - My Conversation With Australian Podcaster Denby Sheather

The emergence of nanobot society

It has never been more important to acknowledge "the elephant in the room"

Harbor Pilot Explains What SHOULD Have Happened on the Dali

VIDEO - Italian twins destroyed by Childhood vaccines, the story of Alberto Tremante and his twin

There are 27 Grieveances Listed In Our Declaration of Independence - How Many Are We Living Through Now?

A Little-Noticed Executive Order Is Behind Massive Mail-in Ballot Push

From Veterans to Vigilance


YouTube: It Has a “Responsibility” To Manipulate Algorithms Leading Up to the 2024 Election

Pressure From the UN, Global Protests, Threats of Sanctions, and Isolation Cannot Stop Israel

Righteous Russia - Part 2

On a July 2022 petition filed by state AGs, asking HHS to give up three of the five predicates HHS uses to consolidate executive power on public health emergency pretexts.


🔔🔔 Annie Kuster (Democrat) of New Hampshire will NOT seek an almost ASSURED 7th term in US Congress in November 👀

Just Out Of Curiosity – What Does Pete Buttigieg Do For A Living?

Truth, Science and Spirit Episode 13 - Self Assembly Nanotechnology Live Blood Darkfield Microscopy: A Review in Images

Information Warfare.

RESOLVED: Stripe, Substack Demand Financial Details from Authors

Cancer: The Food-Borne Illness

Latest Videos from Historian and Former Merchant Marine Sal Mercogliano

What's Next for the Port of Baltimore

Total Victory in Gaza, What Would That Mean?

Modern Military Operations and Civilian Tactics

EXIT the WHO Begins!!! The Senate In The State of Louisiana Just Voted To Ban All Rules And Mandates From The WHO, WEF And The UN From Being Enforced.

Baltimore - An Analytical Breakdown From A Maritime Expert and Historian

A Jumbled Mess + Agenda 21 Planned For Big Island Hawaii!

We Need New Technology to Clean Up Our Voter Rolls and One Company Is Providing Just That

Blockage of Texas Arrests of Illegal Immigrants Has Been Extended by the Appeals Court

An Early Assessment of the Frances Scott Key Bridge Attack...

A Beginner's Guide To The P. Diddy Story

Two Months to Flatten the WHO.


It is Quite Simple to Discern Good From Bad


Apologies All, We're On an Unscheduled Downtime

A Farmer Asks, "What Have I Done?" After Permitting Wind Turbines On His Land

Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Ruled Illegal Immigrants Can Carry Guns - in Chicago

Another Boycott and Why - Tyson Foods

The Bias of War Can Blind Us to Infringed Human Rights

Their Plan Was Always to Pull a 180 & Lock Everyone Down

Why the Senate Needs to Address a Nasty Hic-Cup in the House TikTok Bill

Righteous Russia - Part 1

Depression, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Nerve Pain, MS, Insomnia: Incredible and FAST Reversals From High Dose Thiamin (B1) Protocols?

When A Lie Is Repeated Often Enough, Eventually Most Everyone Believes It

Harvard achieves scientific consensus by eliminating those who disagree

The Biden Transcripts

Why Dogs Live Less Than Humans

The Answer to Population Control.

C19 Unvaccinated Turned Magnetic From Shedding - Correlation With Darkfield Microscopy Live Blood Analysis

Karen Kingston Exposes the Sinister Agenda Behind Pfizer’s Latest Ads

Some Day In the Future, This Could Be the Jet with the Designation AF1


How the 1910 Flexner Report Molded Today's Big Pharma

4 Words Printed On Any Food Package Is Creating a Transformation

Why Would Donald Trump Endorse NeverTrump Deep State NeoCon RINO Mike Rogers?

My Interview With Dr Jason Dean: Covid & Childhood Vaccines And The Blood

Ivermectin and the Research Cartel

The Republic at Risk

Kissinger, Schwab and the British Round Table: a conversation with Richard Poe and Sean Stone.

My Family Thought I Was Crazy

Trump Was Right About Operation Warp Speed

We Are Reliving the 1930s... Part 2

We Are Reliving the 1930s...

Just Human #253

Q for Dummies - Chapter 7

"Nanorobot Hardware Architecture for Medical Defense" Article From 2008 And Comparison To Darkfield Live Blood Analysis Of C19 Unvaccinated Blood Now

Election Issues - Our Interview With Jovan Pulitzer


Rebuttals from Kari Lake and Tucker Carlson

The Only Thing Missing From Biden's SOTU Address

C19 Bioweapons and Brain Computer Interface Conversation With Karen Kingston. Truth, Science And Spirit Episode 10

Interview On Unrestricted Warfare With WHO Whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger And Thorbjørn Morstad + Watch Todd Callender Tomorrow On Clouthub For A Special Border Update

3 Prebuttals to Biden's Pathetic SOTU Address Tonight

Marines Fight FEMA Near Texas Panhandle Inferno

BREAKING: Writ of Mandamus Filed in Florida Supreme Court, Seeks to Compel Governor DeSantis, and Attorney General Ashley Moody, to Ban the Jab!

Just Human #252

Latest Medical Data From England Is Righteously Calling The UK Parliament & Big Pharma Liers


Financial Considerations for the Vaxed and Unvaxed

How Your Choice of Search Engine(s) and Browser Will Affect Your Perception

The Rules of the Game Almost Always Determine the Winner

Why the Ukraine Government Is Responsible for Russia Attacking, Not Russia

The Rabbi Who Put Men Through Boot Camp of Non-Complaining, As A Path to Joy In Marriage

Just Human #251

Top Judge Assigned: New Stop The Shots For EXPERIMENTATION With No Informed Consent Case Is In Process To Halt COVID-19 Non "Vaccines" In Costa Rica, Nuremberg Code Experimentation Not Allowed!

Phthalates Found In "Healthy" Donated Human Blood Are Cardiotoxic And Cause Heart Rhythm Abnormalities And Cardiac Arrest In Animal Studies

Righteous Russia - Intro

CIA Admits To Instigating War With Russia

Damning New Research Study Finds Self Assembly Plastic Polymer Nanoparticles In Every Placenta

The True Cost Of Healthcare, & What We Can Do About It

My Interview with Maria Zeee On Infowars: Why Are People Glowing?

McConnell - Leader of the RINO/CCP Party

Just Human #250

Why Wikipedia is Your WORST Source for Anything

About Topics On Our Side Bar...

VIDEO - 37 year old Ontario mom Kayla Pollock injured by Moderna COVID-19 booster shot (Transverse Myelitis) - was offered euthanasia (MAID) by Canadian government, twice! (Feb.2024)

Just Human #249

More C19V Discoveries You Need To Know

You Can Help Fix Our Broken Elections

Q for Dummies - Chapter 6

Are Globalists Going to Start WWIII Not Over the Striking Farmers But Over the Russian Spy Navalny?

WARNING: Self-Spreading Vaccines Are Closer Than You Think

Just Human #248

CBS News, a MSM Journalism Company, Hits A New Low

Fewer Elderly Are Dying, 45 & Under Are Dying At A Higher Rate (aka Excessive Deaths)

Laura Loomer At the Darien Gap

Who Will Be Blamed For Harmful Covid-19 Vaccines?

Censorship alert


Joe Pags - Extended Interview with President Trump's Attorney Alina Habba

This Looks ‘Very Bad’: How the 2020 Election Was Rigged 7 Months In Advance

How GovTech Will Control Your Life.

Pathogen Access and Benefits Sharing

The Battle for Control

Evidence Shows Biological ID System Has Already Been Deployed

Fluorescent Orange Face Tattoo Under UV Light In C19 Vaccinated And Eye Of Horus Phenomenon - Are Humans Limbic Systems Being Altered For Behavior Modification?

Forever Chemicals Found in 88% of Kale Tested

Just Human #247

Woke Left FURIOUS - Trump Will Make $4 BILLION After Truth Social Deal Approved

Last Chance for Julian Assange: Exclusive Interview With His Father, John Shipton

Our paper critical of the COVID vaccines will be retracted by Cureus!

Q for Dummies - Chapter 5

Just Human #246

BREAKING NEWS: Engorons $364 Million Verdict Against Donald Trump is Utterly Insane

Federalizing the National Guard: Preparedness, Reserve Forces, and the National Defense Act

Proposal for negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement (Advance Copy)

Hydrogels in COVID Vaccine as Programmable Human Interface

Report On Effectively Treating Depression Is Being Suppressed by Big Pharma

Fanni Willis & Nathan Wade's Motion to Disqualify Hearing Recap By Viva Frei

Teflon Don Strikes Again

The First Official Act of Our 1st Congress Was A 4-Hour Prayer Session

Who Is the ‘badass’ Lawyer Who Could Blow Up Trump Racketeering Case Over Fani Willis’ Sex Secrets?

Judge Rules Trump Trial in Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case Brought by Alvin Bragg Will Begin March 25

It's All About A Missing Binder...

VIDEO: How Much Is This Going To Cost Us?

How Much Is This Going To Cost US?

Far more war is coming than another mere WWII

Tools for illuminating, defying and dismantling kill-box anti-laws: Medical Countermeasures Awareness Bill.

The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich

Just Human #245

Dr. Joseph Mercola Drops ‘Nail in the Coffin’ Antidepressant Surprise

DEVELOPING: The Deep State, Obama, and the CIA Are Nervous About A Lost Binder


Why Out-Of-State Elections Are Important To You

Trump Doctrine: Peace Through Space

VIDEO - Excess deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination (Rancourt et al) (Frontline Health)

Sundance Update

A Captain's Library: 10 Must-Own Books for Growth and Development

Please Be Sure To Share This Far and Wide

Brief Submitted To SCOTUS Concerning Censorship Coerced by the Biden Administration

Watch the Water, See the Storm

Q for Dummies - Chapter 4

After the Vladimir Putin Interview

The Vladimir Putin Interview

Oliver Stone Documentaries on Ukraine, Putin

To Be Ahead of Their Game, Learn How WHO Operates, Thinks, and Strategizes

Important Update on the WHO with James Roguski.

2024 Border Stats as of 07-Feb-2024

Mollie Hemingway Before Congress Presents the Election Problems They Have Been Ignoring

Matt Gaetz Makes Shocking Endorsement for Next RNC Chair

Since Its Inception in 1950, UNWRA Has Been Corrupt

Sooner Than You Think

Texas Update

So Tucker Is In Moscow... OK, Now What???

Are Our Schools Killing Creativity?

Q for Dummies - Chapter 3

Federal Whisteblowers Are Indicating the TX Border Most Likely Will See a False Flag Event

The Unemployment Rate Is Steady at 3.7%...

Conflicting Pole Shift Agendas Between the East and West

Jack Smith Pulls the Trump J6 Case From the Dockets

STUNNING: Map Shows All Food Processing Plants That Have Burned Down, Blown Up or Been Destroyed Under Biden, 2021-2022

FULL INTERVIEW: Multiple Provocateurs Infiltrating the TX Border Convoy

A Bad Dream? CBS News: "Plans Approved For U.S. Strikes Against Iranian Targets In Iraq, Syria"

So-Called MSM Reporters & Their Bosses Are More Interested in Sensationalism Than the Truth

UPDATED: Are We Being Distracted By Design?

Mass illegal immigration IS an invasion; Again, I publish the proof of that


Global Antisemitism Is On An Upward Trajectory, Driven by the MSM Narrative

What You Need to Know About Vegetable Oils

Michael Yon Warns About Possible Setup With Convoy & Abbott Eagle Pass Theater

Alina Habba Delivers Fiery Speech About Our Failing Justice System

83 million?

This Week's Videos From Our Rumble Account

Q for Dummies - Chapter 2

Freedom of Information Requests

Reader's Great Response to the Dystopian Hospital Code of Conduct for Patients

The Duplicity and Treachery of Palestinians Towards Arabs and Muslims

Q for Dummies - Chapter 1

Here Is How You Exercise Your Rights Against Your Government - Local, State, or Federal

The Emblem Unifying Islamic Fundamentalism, Fascism, and Rabid Antisemitism? The Palestinian Flag...

The Only Way Any of Us Can Move the Needle

A Message of Hope and Resolve

If Your Candidate, Elected Official, or Surgeon General Is Not On This List...

The Climate Narrative is Really an Agenda

The True Timeline for January 6th...

Maxwell and Epstein Court Documents

A Declaration of Military Accountability Has Been Sent to a Select Group of Officers