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The EU Moves AGAIN To Silence the Truth

Christine Anderson, MdEP is silenced for calling to order the corruption of the EU and their leader Von der Leyen

From Christine’s Video Description

Scandal in the EU Parliament.

I requested a short-term change to the agenda to clarify the vaccine deals between the EU Commission and Big Pharma.

⚠️ When I say these 3 words:
➡️ Von der Leyen
➡️ Pfizer
➡️ Corruption

🎤 The President of Parliament immediately cuts off 🚫 my microphone ‼️

A 7-second vote (❗️) follows in which all other parties reject my motion. (I have deliberately left this outrageous event unedited in my video).

Immediately afterward, Parliament adjourns for a break.

That's all!

When in a pseudo-parliament technocratic centralism meets cemented bloc parties that are not even interested in clearing up the most serious allegations of corruption in the double-digit BILLION range against their own Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (the public prosecutor's office is already investigating), could this anti-citizen construct not rightly be called the 🇻🇳 EUSSR?

Despite everything, I send you my best regards,
Christine Anderson, MEP

Our Notes

Shutting someone down and then adjourning for a break is called shifting - it breaks up the momentum, focus, and energy of the moment to minimize agreements as well as questions.

Given the high number of members that voted in favor, they are just as guilty as the person shutting down the mic as well as Ursula van der Leyen.

Only an idiot does not see that Christin Anderson is being railroaded here…

Most of the EU, the politician from Australia who accused Elon Musk of being too free with speech, and Alexandre Moraes of Brazil all have one thing in common besides implementing identical actions - only what they say matters…

And THAT is being driven by the George Soros entity Open Society Foundation…