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Another Boycott and Why - Tyson Foods

by Garrett O'Brien

Tyson is closing its facility in Perry, Iowa, and laying off its 1,200 workers.

Instead, they plan to hire tens of thousands of new illegals in states like New York.

Check out the benefits Tyson Foods is offering illegal immigrants after laying off Americans…

  • Temporary housing and relocation stipend

  • Time off to acclimate to Humboldt, TN

  • On-site child care

  • Transportation

  • PTO for court hearings

On March 16th, Scripps News retracted the story noted in the video…

Scripps News has retracted a story headlined “Tyson Foods wants to hire 52,000 asylum seekers for factory jobs” because it contains serious factual inaccuracies.

The original, retracted story claimed that the food processing company “wants to hire 52,000 asylum seekers for factory jobs,” but we are unable to verify that number. In a statement, Tyson Foods says its employees are all “required to be legally authorized to work in this country.”

The company is working with the non-profit group Tent Partnership for Refugees, which seeks to help refugees and migrants integrate into the economy. In 2022, Tyson committed to hiring 2,500 refugees over three years through its partnership with Tent.

Scripps retraction is semantics…

  • Tyson has still fired American workers and are replacing them with illegal immigrants

  • Tyson’s statement concerning the legal status of workers has been challenged multiple times in the past and is rebutted with a FoxNews story published March 17th saying just the opposite as discussed by Jessie Waters and JD Vance…

See the Video and Story by Clicking Here

Personal Note

My first job was working in a supermarket for 17 years - Tyson has always been problematic from the business end. So much so, I personally boycotted them more than 25 years ago. Have been buying fresh chickens, produce, and meat from local farmers instead.

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