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Cancer: The Food-Borne Illness

by Grace Price, granddaughter of a cancer victim...

This film challenges big food conglomerates and mainstream health claims without fear of censorship.

Here is the story of how Grace, an 18 year old girl, spent 2 years relentlessly searching for the for the true cause of cancer.

via @travelingenes, Grace Price,

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Our Take

Grace Price has not discovered anything new though she does present it in a excellent manner digestible to most.

How we got here starts with John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie in their quest to expand their empires by changing the education and medical profession.


There was not and still is not much money to be made from natural remedies - Rockefeller discovered he could create pharmaceuticals from the petrochemicals he was creating and THAT he could control by controlling the education system for the medical profession.

See our post, 'How the 1910 Flexner Report Molded Today's Big Pharma', for more information…

Within the first 10 yeas of selling their petro-pharmaceuticals to the general public, cancer started making a frequent appearance.

To control this aspect - as well as enrich his empire - Rockefeller started the American Cancer Society.

The approach recommended in the Flexner report is to mask the symptoms and not treat the ailment.

The have been doing this now for more than 100 years in the medical profession and now have expanded into the food industry, or what is left of it as what is in the aisles of supermarkets is not food.

When you walk down the aisles of a supermarket you are present with one form of chemicals after another that have, for the most part, the flavor and colors of processed food made to entice you to eat more.


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