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Idaho Farmland Water Shutoff “Coincidence”

via alamooutdoor, TikTok; see UPDATES in comments


Hidden in the Ukraine Bill was funding for cobalt mining in America. Over 200 politicians invested in this company mining cobalt.

The Department of Defense gave that company $15 million out of the Ukraine bill to mine in IDAHO

What are the odds?!?

So y'all might wanna put your helmets on for this one, seatbelt something.

This is crazy stuff people.

So just so I don't get this video doesn't get deleted.

This is for entertainment purposes only.

Everybody should do your own homework.

I'll tell you where to go.

But I made a video a couple of days ago about the water issue in Idaho.

Some people had reached out and said, Hey, do you know what's going on?

I didn't know anything about it.

I just made the video to see if anybody else knew.

And holy cow.

Thank you all the warriors out there that, you know, there's a lot of people that have been doing some homework on this for a long time.

And so I've shared some stuff, I've reposted some stuff.

There's a ton of information out there, but this is crazy people.

So the DOD, Department of Defense, you Google this, DOD Invest in Cobalt, just Google that, and this will come up.

Part of the, you know why all the politicians want to fund Ukraine, right?

Or not, you know, many reasons, but.

So one of the, in the last Ukraine budget, or whatever you call it, there was some money in there for cobalt mining in America.

There's over 200 politicians or invested in Jervois on the stock market.


200 politicians have invested in that company.

The Department of Defense gave Jervois $15 million out of the Ukraine bill to do this mine in Idaho.

And that's not the only one.

It's just happening all over the country for cobalt and lithium mining here in America.

But it's hidden in an Ukraine bill.

All the politicians or 200 of the politicians are all stockholders in the company that's getting the contracts. It's just the biggest damn scam you ever seen, man.

I just, you know, they wonder why.

They wonder why the conspiracy theories get started. And it's because they just don't tell the truth.

I think it was 6.5 million chickens were put to death in Idaho real recent because of the bird flu.

And it just seems like if there's a land grab, if the plan is, hey, we wanna take a million acres of Idaho and dig a big giant crater in the ground and mine lithium…

Just put that on the table for the local state level people to vote on.

You know, they just don't think we can handle the truth.

They create the conspiracy theories and then they criticize you for believing in conspiracy theories and they censor stuff on these social media sites because they say it's misinformation.

We wouldn't go digging for this stuff if they just tell the truth. It's mind boggling to me.

But look up, just type in Google, ‘DOD investing cobalt’ and you'll see what's going on in Idaho and the companies behind it. (We recommend NOT using anything Google as they will hide information they do not want you to see - instead choose one of these - Brave | Freespoke | StartPage | Qwant)

And then Google that company on who the investors are (again, use one of the following - Brave | Freespoke | StartPage | Qwant)

Over 200 of them are politicians.

Crazy, crazy, crazy world.

VIEW 15 Stocks Congress Owns (Yahoo)

I don't know how, but we gotta turn this thing on its head somehow.

And we gotta know what we're dealing with.

Can't fix anything if you don't know what's going on, right?

CONGRESS: Who Trades & Makes the Most?

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via the Idaho Capital Sun

Idaho farmers say water curtailment order will dry up land, push them out of business  

Idaho Department of Water Resources issued May 27 order that could dry up 500,000 acres of Idaho farmland

Our note: The average family farm size is between 400 and 500 acres, so we are looking at 1000 farms facing a business less. Given the history of corporate farms, the Democrat party, and land raiding by government agencies we believe we are seeing on the 1st of many steps to remove the family farmer via corporations, for Cobalt mining as well as to expand corporate farms who are more easily swayed than the family farmer.

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