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Whose Virtues Are Better Than Trump's?

by Thomas D. Klingenstein, writer, playwright, investor

We’ll let Tom speak for himself…

Our Thoughts

In every endeavor, only one thing matters - results

No one gets there by whining about personal preferences or what they do and don’t like about a person - they are friction to progress.

Anyone focused on successfully achieving the desired results doesn’t have time to whine, complain, whatever - they make time to successfully attain the desired results.

There are people who…

  • bring order to minimize or eliminate chaos

  • yell their support from the sidelines and offer what help they can and seek constructive means

And there are people who…

  • bring chaos to forcefully disrupt order

  • yell their opinions from the sidelines and offer only an unbridled tongue and destructive mindsets

Most of us have learned that opinions carry no value unless they are considered to be true, not to the voice spouting such opinions but to the overall order of everything.

Too many politicians - Democrats and GOP alike - say they are protecting our Democracy.


We as a nation have multiple founding National documents and 50 State Constitutions and not once is the word ‘democracy’ written in any of them.

Neighsayers get caught in one lie after another while they accuse Trump of lying, and when something isn’t working they change their narrative, going so far as to redefine words and dress up age-old philosophies, science, and facts by creating new words for them that make everyone FELL better - as opposed to addressing the issue head-on.

The tactics and strategies of their ways have become recognizable for most - Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky used by both political parties have outworn their welcome and are no longer tolerated, especially by many Governors.

Truth never needs a narrative nor does it ever change, it speaks for itself and is steadfast.

It is long past time those who don’t FEEL good about Trump find something they like about him - or just get out of politics altogether.

There will be stragglers - but they won’t fare well once Trump returns.

Constituents in their jurisdictions will see how much better the rest of the nation is doing and will abandon them by either voting them out or impeaching them.

And still, there will be stragglers hanging on to whatever chaos they can have and create.

Remember, our First Amendment guarantees free speech - not knowledge and Godly wisdom.

You have to reach for those in earnest, something the neighsayers have never been good at unless it is chaos.

It’s time we start calling those unsupportive to the carpet…

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