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Dr Naomi Wolf Exposes the Intentionalilty of COVID so-called Vaccines

If you have been following us long enough, you know they are far from vaccines

So not to spoil Dr Naomi’s findings, we'll just tip 2 of the many cards her and her team have uncovered...

  • If you were following the injuries and deaths as a result of the C19Vs, did you notice that there was a declining value per 100,000 based upon the political power of the country?

  • Once taken, what is the predominant attack of the C19Vs - respiratory? or other?

Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer have admitted their vaccines were miserable failures with the so-called COVID virus (as this virus is patented should have been your first red flag all this was a sham - you can’t patent anything made in nature).

They have yet to admit that their so-called vaccines are nothing but bio-weapons full of nanobots - yet more than 39,000 doctors and scientists have signed documents disclosing and sharing their research that conclusively says the solutions are nothing but nanobot solutions.

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