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From Our House to Yours

The Mother of All Hamas Tunnels Discovered

Our Desperation of Today's Conditions and Morals Are Not Unique

First, Liberals Demand Reparations for the Descendants of Slaves Then They Demand All to Be Enslaved by DEI?

What Does Qatar Have to Do With Harvard, MIT, and Penn? LOTS...

ENVIRONMENT: What Are Those Numbers Stamped On Your Plastic Containers?

If You Believe We Are Still A Nation Of Angry People, Here Is What You Can Do

3 Presidents of Former Prestigious U.S. Colleges Fail Miserably to Stop Antisemitism

Are We REALLY Making America Great Again?

Ex-Muslim Destroys Leftist Islam Defenders In Germany

MSM & Their Fake News Ideology Is Destroying Families and Killing MANY Innocent Lives

TGP BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Errors, The Lie, and The Cover-Up in Georgia’s 2020 Election

Our Message For This Day After Thanksgiving...

There is a LOT to Be Thankful For Every Year

Liberty - And Why We Patriot Americans Do What We Do

The Commonalities of Lula, Hamas, and The Pied Piper

List Of Islam Attacks On U.S. Soil Since 1972

How You Are Unwittingly Funding Terrorists

A Refreshing Voice In All the Noise...

UN Report Attacks the US, Our Constitution, and Our God-Given Rights

Why the 1929 and 1948 Safed, Hebron, and Hadassah Massacres Matter Even Now

Why Islam Is NOT A Religion But A Theocracy

Hey MSM, Is Your Ego Really Worth Protecting the Massacres of Innocent Families?

Islamist Nazism Rears Its Head - Judeo-Christian Values Under Threat

Why Are Palestinians And Their Supporters Mocking The Qur’an?

Revisionist History and Antisemitism

How Antisemitism Promotes And Permits Murder And Bias

SCOTUS Justices Were BOMBING the DOJ Lawyer On Our 2nd Amendment

Are You Swindled By The Biggest Confidence Trick Perpetrated By Israel’s Enemies?

The Weapon Of Choice For Israel’s Opposition - Deflection

It Is Not Only Old, It Is Islamophobic - the Love of the Palestinian Victim Card

Trust and Loyalty Never Comes From Demanding Respect But From Commanding Honor

The Documented Legal Rights, Title, and Sovereignty of the So Called Palestinians - Where Are They?

Islam: A Clear and Present Danger

Qur’an Says Islam Must Honor Israel - So Who is the Hypocrite?

REPOST: Former Swiss Banker Dying of Vaccine Poison Goes to War with Those Who Killed Him

Why Must the Truth About Israel Be Damned?

Why Should Anyone Confront Islam?

Evidence – Empirical Or Otherwise – For Palestinians Is Where Again?

Israeli Settlement Activity Is Invariably Cited As A Cause Of Tensions

What Is, And Why You Need To Know About, the Islam Formula

Yes, You Can File a Judicial Conduct or Disability Complaint Against a Federal Judge

Dr Peter McCullough: How to Detox Spike Protein from Body

Why You NEED To Recognize Your Adversary As Your Blessing

United - In Jew Hatred

Where Is This Anthropological Miracle of the So-Called Palestinians?

The Difference Between Zionism and Judaism Is What?

The Differences Yet Similarities Between Hamas And The Palestinian Authority

Qur'an says “We Favored [Israel] Above All The Nations”... So Islam, Where Is That Favor???

Verses They Live By

Questions About the So-Called Palestinian State — Or ANY Country — Claiming History & Sovereignty

One Question For Everyone Anti-Israel…

Exposing The Palestinian Myth

The Pro-Palestinian Myth

Why Is There No Greater Myth Than That Of Being Palestinian? Part 3 Of 3

Why Is There No Greater Myth Than That Of Being Palestinian? Part 2 Of 3

Why Is There No Greater Myth Than That of Being Palestinian? Part 1 of 3

Newsweek Exclusive: Donald Trump Followers Targeted by FBI as 2024 Election Nears

Here Are Rumored Successors As House Removes McCarthy

DEVELOPING: CCP Involvement In Lahaina Dew Attack Discovered in Computer Model

Did You Notice? There Was A Problem With How the 9/11 WTC Towers Fell

Why You NEED to Make Your Adversary Your Blessing

Our Latest Videos - Lahaina, Tucker/MacGregor Interview, Common vs Admiralty Law, Trump Ads, Vaccines, and More - part 3

Our Latest Videos - Lahaina, Tucker/MacGregor Interview, Common vs Admiralty Law, Trump Ads, Vaccines, and More - part 2

Our Latest Videos - Lahaina, Tucker/MacGregor Interview, Common vs Admiralty Law, Trump Ads, Vaccines, and More - part 1

By 2030, Your Consumption of Meat, Dairy and Use of Private Vehicles Are Targeted to Be Severely Limited in 100 Cities

Article III Project Statement on Democrat Fani Willis’ Indictment of President Donald J. Trump

The Lawfare of the OH Medical Board

New Evidence Indicates mRNA C19 Vax Aerosol Transmission from Vaxxed to Unvaxxed

How Did The Entire Medical Profession Get Hijacked Into A False Narrative?



Did You Catch What the Oppenheimer Film Missed Entirely?

Getting to Know U.S History and God's Role In It All - 5

Getting to Know U.S History and God's Role In It All - 4

Getting to Know U.S History and God's Role In It All - 3

Getting to Know U.S History and God's Role In It All - 2

Getting to Know U.S History and God's Role In It All - 1

Pending Economic Depression of China


The REAL story of Vampiro "Batman" (Ep.1) | The Sound of Freedom

What Is REALLY Happening On the Migrant Trails

There Is A Culture That Has Had...


The Eminent Domain Situation in South Dakota - Why It Matters to ALL Land Owners

How Did a CCP Controlled, Military Linked, Dishonest Company Get U.S. Approval?

Illegal Aliens Welcomed to TX and Beyond…

The New Clickbait | How Predators Find Your Children

What Is Going On in Antarctica - First Hand Account

The Joe Biden Bribery Scandal Just Took A Wild Turn


Apple's Vision Pro Is Worse Than You Think

National Endowment for Democracy Defensiveness of Being a CIA Cutout Raising Red Flags

Who Voted NAY Against the Debt Ceiling Bill?

The Ongoing Military Deployment of Bioweapons

Replicating Coronavirus Violates Several Treaties

Biden Family Only Part of the Ukraine Fiasco

Seeds = COVAXs, Harvest = The Vaxed

Court Blocks Biden Admin Policy of Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into US Without Court Dates, as Title 42 Expires

Republicans Press Conference: Investigation into Biden Family’s Business Schemes

Is General Flynn Right? Do We Have to Rely Solely on the Government for 2024?

USAF Telling Service Members NOT to Recognize Moms and Dads

Tucker's First Statement Since FoxNews Ditched Him

Why Is the M1 Abrams So Special?

A Petition for Writ of Quo Warranto to the D.C. Attorney Has Been Filed

Tips for Writing Effective Letters to Congress

We Have the Gold But Congess Needs to Act NOW

De-dollarization Has Started... BUT...

Illuminating the World of Modern-day Slavery

No One is Above the Law

A Listing of Contacts Between Mass Shooters and Law Enforcement or Intelligence Prior to Lives Being Lost

The Event Your U.S. History Teacher Will Not Talk About

Inoculations, Graphene Oxide, 5G, Neuromodulation, Insect Diet - There is A Connection

OOPS - An Onboard Camera Recorded The Russion Jet?

The Current Banking Fiasco in 7 Minutes

Massive Amounts of Capital Provided by SVB to Chinese Tech Ventures

Ukraine Finds Time to Digitize Its Country While At War?

Did Trump's Deregulations Cause the Ohio Disaster?

The Columbus Scene in Yellowstone

About That Epstein List...

The Latest Take On the Ohio Derailment

The Greatest Ethical Breach in the History of Medicine

The Level of Denialism Towards Blood Clotting in the Medical Profession Is Costing LIVES

Why Did the FAA Lower the Standards for the EKGs of Commercial Pilots?

💢 US Deep State did HIV/AIDS Experiments on Ukrainian soldiers - latest seized docs reveal

What Is the "Declaration of North America" and Why Should You Be Concerned?

A Video History of Eastern Ukraine

Is Our Desperation of Today's Conditions and Morale Unique?

The Importance of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction

Chronology of Events in Brazil

CIA's Former Chief of Disguise Drops Her Mask

The People Of Brazil Will Not Remain Silent