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The Current Banking Fiasco in 7 Minutes

Charles Payne explains it all and does so with righteousness...

Keep in mind this one fact - 99.99% of the depositors with SVB are elites, MANY of which are venture capitalists (VCs).

Instead of providing a line of credit to meet payroll and operating costs, the VCs want the average American wage earner who can't make ends meet right now thanks to the Biden administration, to pay the bill for their financially irresponsible ways and means.

These are the very same people who HATE the MAGA movement and have done everything they can to stop Trump.

Do we really need to say anything more about their lack of good character?

This finanacial collapse of SVB did NOT happen overnight - quarterly statements provide warning signs that have been very much ignored not only by the SVG Board of directors and c-suite officers but by the FDIC and Yellen as well.

Get hold of your Senator and your Congressman and start dunning them until they relent to NOT providing funds to both SVG and any other bank that is failing now and in the future...


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