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3 Presidents of Former Prestigious U.S. Colleges Fail Miserably to Stop Antisemitism

by Garrett O'Brien

The expression on Elise Stefanik’s face during her entire time drilling the 3 so-called college Presidents says it all…

These 3 intellectual idiots are so far into their heads their hearts have turned to stone.

Their pathetic and inept responses to this topic, in front of the world nonetheless, are why colleges like Hillsdale College and Liberty University should be on the perspective list of Colleges for anyone pursuing a degree…

Separately, there were testimonies given by multiple college students of their campus antisemitism experiences…

Above is a testimony from Tali Kahn, a Jewish MIT undergraduate student, of her experiences as well as those of other Jewish students - some are even fearing for their lives…

Next, listen to NYU student Bella Ingber on the rise of antisemitism on her campus.…

Also, Talia Dror shares her antisemitism experiences at Cornell University…

The NY Post ran an article written by Dr. Tabi Lee (pictured below), ‘I was a DEI Director - DEI Drives Campus Antisemitism‘ (DEI - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and she shares her experiences of the antisemitism while serving as DEI Director with Silicon Valley’s De Anza College campus [archive]…

View Tabia Lee's NY Post article here

Our Take On ANY College Practicing DEI

Public or private colleges taking funds from the Federal government need to fulfill Federally regulated quotas - private colleges do not need a DEI Director as they have no quotas to meet, problem solved.

MANY colleges accept students based on merit, not quotas - quotas are a Liberal bastion for control for looking but not being fair.

Is It Worth Attending the Most Prestigious Yet Most Censoring University?

On September 6, 2023, published a post, Harvard Gets Worst Score Ever In FIRE’s College Free Speech Rankings [archive].

BTW - FIRE is an acronym for ‘Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression’

Harvard is consistently ranked one of the best universities in the United States.

But FIRE frequently finds itself in the odd position of giving this all-star academic school failing grades.

Simply put, Harvard has never performed well in FIRE’s College Free Speech Rankings, finishing below 75% of the schools surveyed in each of the past 4 years. 

View That Post Here

A Word About Hillsdale and Other ‘Warning’ Colleges in FIRE’s 2024 Report

From all appearances, the ‘Warning’ label for 6 colleges is self-serving to FIRE and not to the general public - this is where we split from FIRE’s mission…

… 232 of the 254 schools surveyed had a predominantly liberal student body, while only 20 schools had a predominantly conservative one. This latter group includes 4 of the 6 “Warning” schools surveyed: Baylor University, Brigham Young University, Hillsdale College, and Liberty University.

Given the state of our country today and the abandonment of God overall in most colleges, we consider FIRE’s ‘Warning’ colleges very respectful and honorable colleges to consider, more honorable than the others listed anywhere else in their 2024 report, particularly Hillsdale College and Liberty University.

We have participated in several courses with Hillsdale and our experience with Hillsdale warrants us giving an advisory against FIRE’s ‘Warning‘ classification for any of the conservative colleges.

Final Word

Now, in all this conversation going on about antisemitism, substitute Jew and Israeli with Mulsim and Islam.

Just how quickly and forcefully do you believe leaders like these 3 intellectual idiots calling themselves Presidents of a college would come down on their students?

We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if it were not for their bias in faith and religion…

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