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Illuminating the World of Modern-day Slavery

Slavery - the bottom of the barrel

As much as the critics will say about the U.S. concerning slavery, we have abandoned this practice while many countries have not only kept this practice but now have a larger slave trade since the late 1800s.

Slavery has been around since the Old Testament days - and there are more reasons for slavery than many think. For the most part, everyone was in a class than somebody who could embrace Liberty.

Seems the Elite and Liberals want every country that promotes Liberty to return to the class stigma - and they tried to do so by destroying our education system that would have made known just where we have been and what we have left behind.

There are indentured servants who are seeking passage to another country and can only pay by providing services as a slave. This was especially true during our first 100 years as a nation as well as during our Colony days. Good parents always want the best for their children and giving them the opportunity to grow up and live under Liberty instead of tyranny always wins out.

There are good slave owners but it is the bad slave owners as well as corporations that give slavery the perception most see today.

Corporations and many countries are only interested in minimizing their overhead expenses and treating slaves with dignity is more expensive than treating them pathetically.

King Solomon, one of the richest men in the Old Testament had 100s of slaves - yet as noted by visiting queen, everyone under his power was happy.

For this reason, slavery must be continuously monitored and reported upon by journalists, investigative reporters, and citizen journalists alike.

In the video, photographer and storyteller Lisa Kristine provides education through her work - she had this TED talk more than 10 years ago and her message has remained as relevant today as it did then, and as it will for quite a while…

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