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Inoculations, Graphene Oxide, 5G, Neuromodulation, Insect Diet - There is A Connection

Our long time followers have most likely read all the posts and research we hvae published on our blog - for a lot of it, we need to thank Ricardo of La Quinta Columna.

Ricardo and is vast library of research are available on Telegram on the La Quinta Columna International channel as well as several other TG channels.

In the above video, MEP (Member of the European Parlament) Hervé Juvin, formerly of the RN and now an independent MEP, explains very clearly the relationship between inoculations, graphene oxide, 5G, neuromodulation and the introduction of insects into the European diet.

Be sure to have a pen or pencil and some paper handy, he pupmps a lot of information into a 2-minute video.

CLICK HERE for his twitter account

This video is also available on our rumble account here.

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