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Deep State Intro BONUS: Our Library on the Deep State

Arizona Judge Rules Against Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit

From Our House to Yours...

Deep State Intro: Final (3/3) - Acknowledgements, Assessments, Review, Testing Your Beliefs, And What’s Next

Deep State Intro: Final (2/3) - Acknowledgements, Assessments, Review, Testing Your Beliefs, And What’s Next

Deep State Intro: Final (1/3) - Acknowledgements, Assessments, Review, Testing Your Beliefs, And What’s Next

Deep State Intro: Part 6 – Planning WWII And Destroying Religion

Lake/Hobbs - Day 1

The Difference a Morning Can Make...

Deep State: Part 5 – Establishing Communism, The CFR, The U.N.

Deep State Intro: Part 4 - Central Banks, the Media, Russia

Deep State Intro: Part 3 – Controlling The Banks, Puppets, And Racism

Deep State Intro: Part 2 - The Illuminati, Early U.S., Europe, Banking

Notes To 'The Deep State - Part 1'

Deep State Intro: Part 1 of 7

Today in History - The Bill of Rights

From Our Library

The Death of George Washington

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How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb | Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 162

Learn More About the Shedding of mRNA and Spike Protein (COVID)

John F. Kennedy Memorial

If This Is What WEF Wants for Everyone, Then Why Did They Delete It?

AFDL - Effectiveness of Lockdowns

UPDATE: The Election in AZ is NOT Over

Jefferson's Letter - the Tree of Liberty


Sources for English language Updates on Brazil

Today's Addition to Our Rumble Account - 2

Today's Additions to Our Rumble Account

The Battle of The Wills - Who Will Win?

New FEC Filing - Donald J. Trump for President 2024

The Election in Arizona is NOT Over

NY State Mid-Term Elections Anomalies Are Mathematically Impossible (+2 more topics)

Pick Yourself Up and Get Back In the Fight

Some Sage Advice from Dr. Zelenko


Why Geopolitics & Multipolarity Is Important NOW

Gordon Chang Predicts Something About China You Will Not Believe

Latest Additions to Our Library




That link we promised...

Naomi Wolfe Has Been Warning On This for a Year...

Dear Twitter - Karma is a bitch, eh?

Modification to Our Substack

What Happens When You Understand That Life Is What Happens FOR You and Not TO You

Newly Released J6 Political Prisoner Derrick Evans Speaks Out

Latest Additions to Our Library

How to say OVER THE MARK without really saying OVER THE MARK...

UPDATE: Do You Know About Our Library...

Do You Know About Our Library... ???

You're Being Robbed by Central Banks

The CDC Predicts Blood Clots Will Double by 2050, Here's What They’re Not Telling You…

Ricardo Delgado Interview - Graphene Oxide Nanotech In Covid Vaccines and 5G (UPDATE: Corrected link to the video)


Konnech Products You Need to Know About

NYT Calls Attacks On a CEO as Conspiracy Theories Only for the CEO to Be Arrested for Exactly What He Said His Company Doesn't Do (read that again)


FDA Refuses to Release Autopsy Results on People Who Died After COVID Vaccines

Winning Only Goes to Those Taking the Right Actions

WPATH Did Not Want This Video To Go Public

‘When you kill your enemy, every part of your life is better' - 'untethered' Air Force General

Breast Milk and C19 Vaxes

Ballot Measures on Ballot Measures

What Happens When There Is Evidence That Is Very Convicting of Big Pharma's Medical Malpractice?

What's Going on In China?

WHO, WEF, Gates, Fauci Played You BIGLY

Historic Overview of COVID-19 & The So-Called COVID Vaxes And What To Expect If You Have Been Vaxed

Our Latest Posts

VIDEO: Developing Female Fetuses Could Be Rendered Infertile, but It Will Not Fully Be Known Until 20 Years' Time

This Is An Intentional Attempt Infringe On Our 2A

King Charles III Assumes the Throne

Why Is The White House Is Harrassing Dr Naomi Wolf?

God We Need You Now

How Are We the Underdog?

Weak, feminized men with little to no skills and no protection instincts, and overly agitated and aggressive females with no maternal instincts.

Studies Now Showing C19 Vaxes Are Weakening Your Immune System

The Sudden Dead Doctor Syndrome - Where Is the Conversation on This?

EXPECTING MOMS: Proof C19 Vaxes Aren't Safe

Mikki Willis Has A Short Video On Ivermectin

POST: 3 Documentaries That Annihilates The MSM And Big Tech Ukraine Narrative

What Do You Know ABOUT Ukraine?

We've Been Down This Road Before

Admitting They Botched the COVID Response, CDC Announces an Overhaul

Who or What is Konnech and Why You Need to Care - NOW...

The End of Family Political Dynasties Begins

LIVE: Devolution Power Hour - Gregg Phillips Interview

POST: Lawsuits Being Weaponized Against Those Making True Statements



The PIT, Think Biblically... Think NOW...

ICYMI - REPLAY: from ‘The Pit’ , A Vital Strategy Session presented by True The Vote 8/13/22

CDC Tip Toes Out of the Room While Ending Differentiation on Covid Vax Status

POST: The FBI And DOJ Are Cornered And Everything Is About To Become More Than Interesting

IMPORTANT Video For the You and the Females in Your Life

LIVE: FBI Executes ANOTHER Search Warrant; Epstein Pilots Were Repped by Judge in Trump Raid

US Industrial Complex Is Buckling

The F.B.I.'s Oath of Office

Streams for Mar-A-Lago Updates

Statement from President Trump

BREAKING: Delta Force Seizes IRS Weapons Shipment

BREAKING: Mar-A-Lago Raided By FBI

The Inflation Reduction Act Passes

Pinal County AZ Sheriff on Actions Taken After Elections

Biological Update from Russian Military

How (And Why) Hiroshima And Nagasaki Were Selected

19 State AG's Call BlackRock to the Carpet

Biden admin to declare monkeypox a health emergency

What are you pretending not to know Maricopa County?

VIDEO: Got Your 6 | Ken Beyer Story

Kari Lake's Fight Just Beginning

2022 Elections Calendar

H.O.T. Wisconsin Press Release

Emerson College Trying to Influence AZ Primaries?

Trump Endorsed Candidates for Today's Primaries

Injuries & Deaths by So-Called Vaccines

New Series: Getting Involved In Your Elections

Seeking Better Discernment with Current Events?

The Democrats Have Been Here Before

Ukraine Releases Bombshell Information on Biden

FACT: A Cupcake Requires More Disclosure Than Vaccines

Tedros Declares Another Public Health Emergency

Is NATO Being Pushed Out by BRICS?

Stop and think about this...

Russian State Duma Update & Russia is Planning International Military Tribunals

G7 - Who's Next to Exit?

Look Who Was Scheduled to Give Responses Yesterday in the Trump v Clinton Case

Catherine Glenn Foster Gives POWERFUL Pro-Life Testimony

Is There a Clear and Present Danger Building Up in the Arctic?

How Vaccines Are Literally Sterilizing Women

Here's the thing about A.I.

64 Businesses Will Pay Employees' Abortion

Boris Johnson announces resignation - Full speech - July 7, 2022

POST: From Whence We Came: Who Encouraged, Educated, Mentored Our Founding Fathers?

POST: Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko

Dr. Robert Malone - Memorial for Dr. Zelenko

Supreme Court Has Gutted the EPA, Other Agencies

Define 'Plant'

What Is At Stake?

"It DIDN'T have to be this way"???...

Waking Up the Normies and Beyond...

Dobbs v. Jackson – Evaluating The Final Ruling

Who was "Jane Roe"?

Are You Ready to Serve Your Country Again?

Preparing for the Aftermath of the Reversal of Roe v Wade

Roe v Wade Has Been Overturned

Deep State’s Attempts to Prevent the Western World from Seeing Russian Media

BOOK: Saving Nine - The Fight Against the Left’s Audacious Plan to Pack the Supreme Court and Destroy American Liberty

Weather Warfare & Weirder News

POST: Which U.S. Oil Refineries Have Been Shutdown? (corrected link)

We ALL Have a Calling Right Now

What's Next After the People's Convoy?

An Insider View of the People's Convoy

Who is REALLY Not Adequately Interpreting Our Constitution?

What Is A Woman?

Jan 6: Democrats Best Foot Backward

Senator Mike Lee: Saving the Supreme Court

What Would You Have Done?

Soros Machine Still Pushing, Are You?

Serious: Take Your Kids Out of School!

Biden's Biolabs & Russia's Justified Response

Assessment of the Sussmann Verdict

The U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon

What God-Fearing Men Do When At War - A true Story

For Each 1 Gun Death, Brazilians Own 3 Guns, Americans Own 1192 - Which Country is Safer?

Harvard University Study Reveals Astonishing Link Between Firearms, Crime, and Gun Control

WHO: A Pestilent Animal Needing to be Put Down

UPDATE Monkey Pox 25-May-2022

Primary Results - May 25, 2022

Kemp, Raffensperger Meet Damocles

My Future Is My Focus | Pastor Steven Furtick

RedState Author Makes A HUGE Misinterpretation of Our Constitution

Our Next Focus: Monkeypox

COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

Why Out-of-State Elections Are Important to You

82 and 2 MAGA on MAGA Victories

We're Now On Truth Social

ID, KY, NC, OR, PA - You Are Called to Action Today

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips Share More About Their Findings with The Epoch Times

Listen Very Carefully to What Gregg Phillips Is Saying Here

1,000,000 Joe - Really?

Stop the WHO Tonight

Ukraine? Seriously? Our Southern Border, Children, Inflation Aren't Priorities?

2000 Mules - A MUST for Every Voter

To Whom Did God Say He Was God?

What Happened With SCOTUS Already Happened In Congress and the Senate

The Truth About How God Works | Steven Furtick

Sage Advice from a Formula 1 Legend

Are You In Control?

Making Room to Receive

Navy SEAL Goes Rogue in Iraq

About Donbass

Elon Musk's Definition of Free Speech Is NOT Defined by A 23-Second Snippet

Godliness - Where To Get Started With Your Family

Leaning On the Wrong People Will Result In more Pain Than You Can Imagine

Another Twist in the Twitter Dance...

Are We Making the Right Choices?

Elon Musk Pulls a Fool's Mate on Twitter

How Do You React When Life Isn't Fair?

Reaping What You Sew is Universal

List of Ukraine Biolabs That Were Removed by the U.S. Embassy

Here’s A Dozen Times Joe Biden Played A Role In Son Hunter’s Business Dealings

PATRICK LAWRENCE: The US Bubble of Pretend


Whoever controls the food supply, controls the people

The Food (as well as Gas) Shortage is NOT the Fault of Events in Ukraine

The Power Behind Trump's RICO Suit

Knowing God - The God of Peace

Revised CDC Numbers Expose Big Pharma's Strategy...

About Our Paid Subscriptions...

Hey Joe, Where's Our the 'Winter of Severe Illness & Death' You Promised?

She's One Twisted Sister...

Liberals, MSM, Big Tech Normalizing Pedophilia is NOT News

Telegram Ban Lifted, Leftists Still Hiding Behind the Law

Leftists Never Apologize, They Just Ignore What They Did & Accuse You of Doing It

Knowing God - Who Is God

Brazil Blames Telegram for Not Responding, However Brazil Was Using the Wrong Address...

Have You Met Our Major Contributor?

Is there An Agreement in Sight for Ukraine and Russia?

Knowing God - Who Is Your God

Soros versus Xi, Putin, Trump - Whose Voice To Listen To?

A CJ in Kyev Is Worth Checking out

The DC Attitude Towards Truckers

What Are the Odds WHO Is Destroying Evidence?

We Are Awaiting The Great Awakening of YouTube

Ukraine's Best Option For New Leadership Is Shared in 'Revealing Ukraine'

BANNED ON YT: President Trump's Interview with FULL SEND

Donald Trump on WW3, Talking to Putin, and Joe Rogan! | FULL SEND PODCAST

Ethnically Russian DONBASS Has Been Under Attack Since 2015

Our Crisis of Faith

The History of Ukraine

Truck Convoys Are NOT Just About Masks, Mandates, Vaccines

History Has Proven the Well-Financed Owner of the Latest Technology Determines the Winner


How Trump Kept Putin From Invading Ukraine

CDC Admits to Withholding Vax Data

Putin Is Not Crazy, He's Consistent

SD Governor Kristi Noemi Responds to Biden's SOTU Address

2022 SOTU - The Liberals Do It Again

Breitbart Was Right: WAR

Biden Administration Is Supporting Russia Behind Your Back (UPDATED)...

Do You Have Enough Conviction and Discernment to Understand What God Made In You? Made For You?

Masks: Science? Or Political Science?

A Very Frequently Updated Map of the Ukraine War Activities

An Open Letter to the Canadian People

14 AGs Demand Homeland Secretary Mayorkas' Resignation Over Border Crisis

Another Abortion Low...

Where the 97% FICTIONAL COVID Hysteria Began...

What the Trucker's Showed the World

Ever Notice The Guilty Are Always Least Affected by Their Actions?

Bigger Than Watergate - Trump's Latest Ad

Trudeau's Actions Have NOT Met the Emergencies Act Threshold

My Pillow et al Are Being Dumped by Heartland Financial This Friday

Trudeau Invoking Federal Emergency Powers

And Just Like That, There Are No COVID Mandates...


LIZ CROKIN and Some other "Stuff"

Pearson Sharp - The Data is Conclusive on Chld Vaccines

The Canadian Politicians Say They are Listening to the Science...

The Art of War - Ottawa style...

Want to Guess Who the First Recipient Was for the Free Crack Pipes Being Given Out by Biden?

Gu-itis... Hope it's NOT catchy

Police Bodyguard Of Trudeau Resigns Due To Utter Tyranny

Canadian Police Committing War Crimes in violation of GENEVA CONVENTION, CIVILIAN PERSONS


New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths)

Latest COVID Stats from New York

About the FBI's Latest Claims...

About Sotomayor...

Making A National Impact At Your Local and State Level