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NY State Mid-Term Elections Anomalies Are Mathematically Impossible (+2 more topics)

Mathematically impossible for these numbers...

Mathematically it is extremely unlikely what you are seeing in this video is a fluke or real... Time to hold AGs and Secretary of States to the fire

The narrator says it is copied and pasted data to come up with the same percentages in various districts - that would be incorrect.

What was done is the output was massaged to bring the same percentages in various districts.

That massaging would be

  • votes by the dead

  • those who did not vote

  • multiple readings of the same ballot, and

  • votes cast before a person appeared at a polling station

These are the most common ways to bump the numbers - which is why we need to go back to paper ballots and hand counting.

AG Garland should be calling the State AGs and secretary of States to the carpet but he’s too busy sweeping his own crap under his own carpet… And forget the bozo that occupies the stage setting of the White House.

Where’s Trump?

Thx to @WeTheMedia, telegram

FBI Thugs Ignoring the Process of the Law

These 2 thugs hiding behind badges are perfect examples of why their agency needs to be disbanded & they need to be blacklisted by the entire law enforcement community & from govt service at any level.

thanks to @WeTheMedia, telegram

National Election Results - 09-Nov-2022 4 pm ET

House majority is 218, GOP at 215, if you look at the results maps provided by The Epoch Times, you can see a huge problem. during bad times like now, people tend to vote along party lines, no matter what political party they have declared. So why is the House predominantly GOP and the Senate and Governor races are Democrat?

Everyone is on raw nerves right now, who can imagine voting Democrat with

  • 2 years of lockdowns and businesses being closed for good

  • CRT, drag queens, and porn being taught covertly in our schools

  • school boards that falsely believe parents have no rights over their child’s education

  • burnt out businesses and homes from ‘quiet protests’ as CNN said they were

  • street after street of drug infestations from homeless people abandoned by their politicians and churches unable to assist as it is against the law to do so

  • 5 million illegals crossing our southern border freely ad being covertly bused into cities

  • inflation at a real rate above 20%, and

  • deficits running higher than revenue?

And those are only the top of the list…

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