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You are straight on target, as always, Decisive Liberty. I wonder how Gen. Brown got where he is??? Must have been overlooked in the purge................[sarcastic]

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The backbone to any nation is the family institute - mom and dad are terms of endearmnet we give those who are raising us, not a pronoun to tag along to he/she/they/thjem/ti/whatever... General Brown is way too far into his head when it comes to service members family lives and THAT is a dangersous place to be when on the battlefield. No one joins the military to be pampered, they join to defend our country and our constitution - our enemy could not care less what our family lives are like. As we are turning our service members into buttercups due to the likes of General Brown and many other military offices are doing, then We the People need to be slapping our hands down on their desk and yelling at them that enough is enough. As far as we are concerned, they have lost the respect to have proper decorum exercised in front of them by turning our military into a bunch of buttercups and thank God not all of them but way too many for comfor of anyone with any level of dixcernment...

Yes, we are roaylly pissed about this situation...

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