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Who We Are

Decisive Liberty News is a news aggregator, contributor, researcher, and commentator.

Save for sourcing fake news, lies, fallacies, or an extremely rare case of truth, there is no room for the mainstream media nor progressive views on our platform.

We believe in the Judaeo-Christian principles setup by our Founders in multiple pillar documents, especially our Declaration of Independence as well as our Constitution

We vet our sources for their integrity - whether professional journalists, citizen journalists, researchers, or investigative journalists.

Where possible we use original source documents (OSD) as opposed to filtered content - OSD meaning the author penned his or her thoughts in his own hand and not from books and content either the author or the publisher put in front of them (a publishing industry standard to push more books besides the one being published resulting in the control of the narrative of what they publish).

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Only a handful of MSM journalists (in the true sense of the work journalist) can even come close to being considered never mind being included in our list of endorsed media.

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Foundation & Focus

We are a Judaeo-Christian-based organization that adheres to the principles put forth by our Holy Bible as well as our Constitution.

As a former Democrat who abandoned ship in 1985 to the GOP, was not long before once again there were questions of their actions not jiving with their oath, so our Constitution becomes the focal point.

Our purpose everywhere is to sharpen your knowledge, discernment, character, and wisdom — which can be accomplished by sharing content that encourages reading, researching, and conversing – including man’s feeble attempt to outdo and out-think our Creator.

Today there is a nearly total breakdown of character which was once something taught not only in the homes but in all schools as well, including institutes of higher learning.

Today, the lack of such is very evident everywhere - on oh-so-many levels.

Our organization provides a platform for Liberty as God so desires us to have.

Also, Liberty and freedom are different and should never be confused as being the same.

In essence, liberty is for the people while freedom is for the individual - both of which carry responsibilities and accountabilities that cannot be shirked least either or both become lost to one and all.

Given the Progressive and Socialist trends since the 1910s, as well as the control Liberals have had in permitting what content is and is not presented for purchase by our education system for nearly a century, you will discover the principles shared here won’t be found in school books and textbooks that have been approved for use today by Liberal school boards across the nation.

Most of our research as well as verification of content is accomplished through original source documents (aka primary documents), not secondary.

You will however find these principles in our Holy Bible and in many books before the 1910s - that is not to say there have not been many since then, it is to say that there have been fewer and fewer published throughout the years due to the persuasion of the Liberals and the Cabal.

The tide, however, is turning - and turning quickly.

Everyone just needs to remember to never, ever give up - if you fall and/or fail 8 times then get up 9…

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"... where there is the Spirit of the Lord, there is Liberty" (2 Cor 3:17) - National and International News, as it happens; Documentaries & Programs


... and where there is the Spirit of the Lord, there is Liberty. ~ 2 Cor 3:17